What are PLP days? Personal Learning Plan days

Karin Foust -

Our school calendar includes PLP days.  These are Personal Learning Plan days and school is not in regular session those days.  On these days, students should only be in attendance during their hour-long scheduled PLP meeting.

PLP Overview:
The PLP is a document created at the PLP meeting by the student, advisor and family which sets short and long term academic and social-emotional learning goals, as well as goals around the Innovator Norms.  It also tracks progress for students on their goals. The meeting is an opportunity for students, advisors and families to communicate regarding student performance and behavior thus far, as well as to set up support structures for students across the year.

In order to support your student's preparation for the PLP meeting, please take the following steps;

    • Respond to your child's advisor's email and schedule your child's PLP meeting.

  • Review your child's draft PLP in advance of the meeting. Support them in completing the PLP with detail, depth and honesty.

  • Reach out to your child's advisor with any questions you have regarding the PLP process, goal setting or progress thus far.
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