How much time is on the computer? Are there limits on screen time?

Laurie Jacobson Jones -

The ratio is about a 3rd of the time they are at school.  During computer science class ( 3 days per week) they are on the computer much of the time.  They are also on the computer every day for an hour for independent learning time, and then for core classes a smaller amount of the time, depending on the class.  

The emphasis on core classes is to work with others and engage in hands on learning and/or discussion.  There is much time spent on small groups and discussions.

EBIA's model has three pillars, blended learning, project based learning and design thinking. We use technology to deliver on key aspects of our model, along with hands on learning, and small and large group learning environments. We don't intend to limit any aspect of our program, rather we will integrate all modalities into a mix that we think best serves our students.

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