Is EBIA able to support students with an IEP?

Karin Foust -

EBIA does not ask for any IEP or other SPED status information from students until after they are admitted to EBIA. Once admitted, the student enrollment package will contain instructions on the documentation EBIA needs to provide support to your student.

EBIA is for everyone. EBIA provides an inclusive model for Special Education, including supports for all students in the general education setting and with support from Education Specialists and/or resources from external service providers.

Our school model allows for individual and small group time for all students, and some students with IEP may also receive support services during this time. If an EBIA student has an IEP currently, we will request a copy of it from their current school and/or their family. This will allow EBIA to review the IEP before school starts, develop a schedule of supports and plan, and then hold an Interim IEP within 30 days for the incoming student. If necessary we will assess the student with their parents signed permission and discuss those findings at the IEP, to write an IEP that matches the student’s needs.

When an IEP assessment is due or we feel a new assessment is necessary for a student, the IEP process is coordinated by the Ed Specialist. IEP assessments involve appropriately credentialed people as needed to assess the student. The IEP would be issued at the end of the assessment, and would involve the people involved in performing the assessment.

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