Is After-school care available?

Karin Foust -

The school is open from 7:30 - 5:00, Monday through Thursday.  Students are welcome on campus during these before and after school hours but are expected to be self-directed and respectful.  Students staying afterschool can do so through our Quest program that includes a variety of office hours, classes and clubs.

Fridays the campus closes at 3:40.


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    Hi Karen; In May Laurie wrote to a similar question and indicated that there would be activities until 5:00. Is this no longer the plan? Thanks for clarifying! Denise

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    Karin Foust

    After-school activities including study hall and office hours will start the week of 8/25 and will last until 5 pm.

    Other extracurricular activities will be added throughout the Fall.

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    I am a little confused about the no supervised after school care. You're saying the school is open till 5 but there is no adults at the school? Which means the school is closed and the kids are just outside? Or are you saying that there is just no program that the kids are in but there is someone at the school till 5?

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