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Students will be provided with a chromebook at school, however those computers will remain secured onsite and not be sent home.  Students will need access to computers and the internet at home.  

If you are in need of a computer and internet services at home, Oakland Technology Exchange West ( is a not for profit organization that can help qualified families.

They have 3 options to receive a computer.

1) Purchase one at full price, between $100-200.
2) Sign up as a new customer for OTX West Broadband internet service - $10 per month, no contract required. Upon signing up for internet service, new customers receive a voucher for $100 toward a computer of their choice. Right now, there is a special deal for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch to get their first 6 months of internet free (as well as a computer). The last day to apply for this deal isSeptember 20.
3) Volunteer for 20-40 hours (must be 11 years old and up). Volunteers receive "service bucks" that can be applied toward a computer (as well as other items). 20 hours = $100 computer, 40 hours = $200 computer. Volunteers clean computers and parts, such as monitors and keyboards, and sometimes take them apart. Service bucks can be exchanged between people so, for example, if a student wants to bring friends, their friends can donate their service bucks to the one person.

Volunteer hours (must arrive at the beginning of the shift and can't be more than 15 minutes late). No reservation required, just show up:
Wednesdays: 2-4pm
Thursdays: 2-4pm
Fridays: 9am-12pm
1st Saturday of each month: 9am-12pm

Please contact them directly at 510-893-4822 for more details.


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